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Customers Love Auto Customs
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1. Customers Love Us

WOW! Moment

Dan Cramer
Media, Pennsylvania
June 25, 2015

'Jeremy was patient, professional and was able to put up with me and my questions.  I will be on forums touting the great customer service I received and showing off the products I purchased.  I could have purchased my cover at anyone of the 2100 BAK dealers in the US, it was Jeremy who took my money.  Please do what you can to recognize him for his efforts.  A new car, corner office, 10k raise, lunch, whatever.... I rarely see this kind of customer service in today's world."

WOW! Moment

Maria Carbone
Middletown, New York
June 23, 2015

"I just wanted you to know that I am a satisfied customer. Many people will call with a complaint, but not always with a praise report so I thank you for your wonderful product. The running boards look great on my Avalanche but I am so used to not having them, I have to remind myself that they are there. No problem. I am so happy to have them. I will recommend you to others if a need arises."

WOW! Moment

Kari Suhanyi
Castle Rock, Colorado
June 19, 2015

"You guys were very good about making sure I got my replacement part needed. Very timely response. Thank you"

WOW! Moment

Rob Wetzel
Rochester, New York
June 15, 2015

"I just wanted to say thank you for a good experience buying my tonneau cover. I purchased it on Memorial day...and people were actually in the office taking orders. The rep was cool, I got a great deal and free freight. Everything came and was in perfect shape. Install was easy and the product is great quality."

WOW! Moment

Jason Petty
Terre Haute, Indiana
June 14, 2015

"Very professional , pleasant and understanding, very happy with the service "

2. Guaranteed Fitment

Guaranteed Fitment

When you speak to one of our Sales Experts, we guarantee that the product will fit your vehicle. We know the right questions to ask to get you the right parts. Our guys are trained to know the vehicles as much as they are trained on the products.

In fact, if you speak to our experts and get the wrong part - it is 100% on us and we'll take care of you. Other places will leave you in the weeds.

3. Fastest Available Shipping

We stock plenty of products here in Florida, but we also have connections to warehouses across the United States. We understand the excitement of ordering a new part for your ride and will always ship it to you from the closest location.

Not only do we ship from these starred locations, we also drop-ship from our manufacturer's warehouses.

We'll ship your product out the fastest possible way. Hopefully you'll be surprised how fast we can get a product to your door.

Shipping Map

4. We are the Experts

We have a close relationship with all of the manufacturers that we carry. Before we sell a product on our site, all of our staff goes through a training course to learn the products and how they compare to others. On the right, you can see examples of major companies coming to train our employees. To be the experts, we learn from the experts.

Some of our competitors operate out of a garage and have never even seen the products in person. That is not a joke. Be careful who you're taking advice from.

Becoming a great salesman, to us, is being able to make our customers happy. We learn the products inside and out, so depending on your lifestyle...we can recommend a product that suits you.

"Thank you for your chat help in placing the order. You were courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. Your direct efforts prevented me from ordering the wrong item, and led me to the correct one. Thank you for your customer service tonight. It really was excellent service!"
Steve - Happy Customer
Julian, Owner of Bak

Julian Maimin, Owner of Bak Industries

Steve Kelley, Extang

Steve Kelley training our staff on Extang

5. Manufacturers Love Us

Favoritism happens in all areas of life. And when it comes to manufacturers, they love us. So if something ever goes wrong with a product or shipping, manufacturers have our back. We maintain a great relationship with our manufacturers, and you are the beneficiary of that. ...Ok, we get some perks too.

6. Professional Installation Assistance

PJ the Install Specialist in Action PJ the Install Specialist in Action

We have a team that is dedicated to installation help. These guys are experts on installing anything we sell. They are great at listening and will walk you through an entire installation if needed. Sometimes installations are confusing and it seems like there is no way to make it work, but we delight the fact that it's normally an easy solution.

Most likely, you'll talk to Chuck or PJ the Install Specialist when you need assistance. You can also check out our pages for installation videos done by PJ the Install Specialist. These guys have installed 100's of products, and we'll make it easy for you.

7. Safe and Secure Shopping

We take all of the normal safety precautions as would any reputable site out there on the web. None of your personal information is saved and all notes taken with order information are shredded at the end of each day. We are recognized as a great place to shop and our site is always secure.

SSL Secure BBB Rating SEMA Member

Our hope is that the site would be easy to navigate, fast, and informative. However, some people still just don't trust the internet...and you're welcome to call a friendly sales or service representative.

8. Industry's Best Videos

It's not even close. Our videos dominate the competition. We have a team dedicated to photography and video. We put a lot of time and effort into our videos because it sets us apart from competitors. Not only do we provide you with the best information through our videos, we also want you to be able to feel the product and see it in action.

Generally, we make two types of videos:

  • Promotional / Informative
  • Installation / How to
Video Gallery

Most of the time, you'll see Todd(our main product expert) and PJ the Install Specialist. Both of these guys are available to take calls if you need advice and/or installation assistance. Yes, we take video requests too.

9. Our Team

This is a picture of our team at the main office in Ocala, Florida. These are the crazy people that take your phone calls, develop the website, ship the packages, and much more. Not pictured is our Analytics guy who was upstairs and didn't get the memo.

TruckXL Staff Photo

10. Our Foundation

Each of our employees reflect our core values. This is who we are and how we do business.

Core Values
  • Excel - Strive to be the very best in everything you do.
  • Serve - Put others needs in front of your own. Fellow employees, customers, suppliers.
  • Learn - Read. Value education. Maximize your God given gifts and potential. Mentor someone and help them learn.
  • Lead - Your family, your sport, your club, your team, this company. We want to lead the industry in any business category we enter.
  • Innovate - Think. Create. Do. Never settle.
  • Give - Your very best. Your time. Your energy. Your skills. To your family, your church, your community, the needy.
  • Transform - Expect change. Embrace it. Make it.
Core Objectives

Our foundational commitment is to honor GOD in all we do. "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility value others above yourselves." - Philippians 2:3

  • Honor our Employees - By being a fun and energizing place to work, paying well with good benefits and helping each develop personally and professionally.
  • Serve our Customers - By providing a quality of product and level of service at a value that can not be equaled in the marketplace.
  • Be a Light - By giving back to our community, honoring our supplier relationships, doing business fairly even if it puts us at a competitive disadvantage and always striving for excellence.
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