Why Work at Auto Customs? | Family First Job
Family First

We value family above work, which means we work hard to make sure your schedule let’s you enjoy time with the people who matter most to you.

Why Work at Auto Customs? | Culture
Our Culture

Life is too short to not have fun at work. We are very selective in recruiting people who thrive in a Fun, Fast Paced, Casual and Family atmosphere.

Why Work at Auto Customs? | We Love What We Do
Automotive Freaks

If you love Trucks, Jeeps, or anything Automotive – “work” is a blast.

Why Work at Auto Customs? | We Love Our Community
Make a Difference

We’re here to make a difference. In your life, the customers we serve and the community in which we live. We’re intentional about plugging into our community and making it better.

Why Work at Auto Customs? | We're The Best At What We Do

Never settle for #2. We dominate our competition in every category we enter.

Why Work at Auto Customs? | Room for Growth
Your Opportunity

The grass is greener at AutoCustoms. Experience the joy of learning valuable skills and making a difference.

“There’s not a single person who works here that I wouldn’t invite to dinner at my house!”
-Tiffany Price (Director of WOW!)